To be three I formed a tribe. One wanted to build for us a house, but having only two walls with which to complete it, I built the house adjacent to an existing wall. In the room one built, we were together three dimensions: length (1), width (2), and low ceilings that join the head to the house (3). And at one end of the room I built a tribune. I closed the door so I could not see you and your rays could not enter. I wrapped my brightness in a napkin and buried it in the field, and it was dark in our house, protected from your speculation.

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But you came upon a branch, a fork, and it led you to the other against which I had built my walls, and leaning on your staff, the other suddenly opened, and you entered, and stood upon the tribune, and laying down your staff, demanded a tax. We could not pay the tax, so you returned to the field with your rod, and unearthed my treasure, and brought it into the house, and unwrapped it. I beheld between you and me a hedge of such prodigious length that I could see no end to it either before or behind. The fire burned it, and you sent the word into my mouth with a kiss.



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