I parted from you. By the fire the space between us was lit, and I kept you in sight. Like breath, light has a tendency to drift into the Universe, illuminating everything. If the whole world were to come to me now, I could not speak to them; for with you came the whole world. I made a great distance in a single line away from you, for insight drove me to leave the sight of you, for understanding and enclosing you had annihilated me, and love had left the dark figures following me.

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I saw their two bodies & the bodies of all others came to be known by the sensation that any of them might enter through the holes in my face, or at the sides of my head, and that their breath could bind me. Of those whom I saw, the ones whom I already knew remained known to me; and those I did not know became known to me; I received interior knowledge about some, and also exterior knowledge about many. And certain ones I knew interiorly, having never seen them exteriorly.

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