When you did not make a sound, but were enclosed by silence as a form, I removed my mouth from yours and placed my tongue against your face as if it were a needle, and pierced two holes parallel to the holes on the side of your head, and you repeated the action with the needlepoint of your tongue, so I would have two holes in one face, through which you might enter.

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In the Universe there is no center and no circumference; but the center is everywhere, and every part is outside some other part. I never faced you, neither of us being turned to the front, to one point in relation to others; rather, we faced all points simultaneously, so that no point was in relation to the others, but each point was independent. So at first I saw you only peripherally. To the left adorned with the customary projections I saw red, the color of repetition.


This seeing was spiritual and not corporeal, for the Universe was dark and filled with the sound of our breath, and the vowels we formed with our open mouths. I saw my holes through my holes and the sensation of your body woven through the eyes of my needlepoint bound us with love, though I could not count it, for there was too much.

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