They remained still, bound in their kiss, when one’s tongue touched the other’s palate, and “you” touched “I”s palate, which produced another color, if it is permitted to call that color which cannot be compared to anything visible, as if the tongue was a brush to a palette of sound. The color passed into the open holes at either side of their heads. The sensation of presence coupled with this new sensation of one’s presence’s consequence — evidence passing into holes almost as breath — stirred in one and the other a desire to be the color of presence.

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One touched one’s tongue to one’s own palette and re-cognized the color entering the hole in one’s ear, and recognized evidence of themself. Thus one came to know that they were the other, and did not need to remain in their kiss always, but could break from it, and touch one’s tongue to one’s palette, and fill the space between them with breath. Thus the third is made in sound.

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