One wanted to fill the space between so they tore a hole symmetrical to what was between their legs (3) in their head (1), and placed in it aspects of the hole of “I” and the whole of “you,” namely a tongue and a palate. “I” places “you”s tongue against “I”s palate and with the color red they repeat the action with “you”s tongue and “I”s palate, and exchange them, so the two would have mouths. And they joined the two holes together and shared their breath. By this breath they were bound.

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The breath awakened the body and in it a sensation that another body was present. One sighed and the other gathered the breath in their body and repeated the action, sending breath back into one. Thus the head became larger, more round and symmetrical. The breath, gathering itself in this way, filled the head until one thought they would burst. To release the breath they each tore a hole in their head and one in the other’s head, so they each had two holes symmetrical to each other and parallel to the first hole.

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