I looked into your eyes, from which illuminating rays burst like breath from your mouth. I drank the light through the holes in my face, and tasted its consonance with my tongue. You can imagine how lovely the place is where there is so much light. I could see in perfect clarity your form projecting this brilliance as well as appearing before it. And I wove the light through the holes in my face and in this way turned the rays back to you, and you returned them to me, so that we made a perfect sphere of light.

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And in this light I saw you and two others woven together, and not understanding the meaning, I moved backwards, making the hole between us larger, and in the syzygy of our three bodies — I and you and the yawning space between us — came brightness and this brightness had a flashing forth and in this flashing forth was fire and these three were one. And I looked to the earth at my feet, and could see two others standing at my own feet, with their feet against mine, and their form was entirely dark, and followed me.

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