The spaces they filled with breath. On the breath came a sound, the first letter that would torment the alphabet, for it is three times itself and three times the letter it introduces. The sound of their open mouth entered their ears and they came to understand each other, by the third which came between them.

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The step to three is the decisive one, which introduces the infinite progression into the number sequence. Two becomes stripped of its unique position, and is recognized as a number — no longer “the other” but the second. Unity is first recognized as a number from the direction of plurality.  Only by name was one known, by counting themself and what came out of the other could one grasp one’s own multiplicity.


The fragile breath in the space between them had a tendency to drift outwards, caught in the web of the Universe’s breath. Often one desired to return to the other, and placed my mouth against yours, and shared breath until you wanted to speak to me. Then you would place your mouth close to my ear and sigh, or make another sound, or touch your tongue to my ear. In this way one gained a threefold understanding of the other, and repeated the kiss.

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